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Margarita Man Gourmet Flavors Made with Real Ingredients
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Real Ingredients. Real Flavor.

This is the same Margarita Man mix sold to restaurant and bar suppliers nationwide as a top tier product that now you can provide and serve at your event.

Yes, Margarita Man mix may cost more because it's a concentrate, but as a concentrate it also makes a lot more than your ready-to-pour store bought mixes by 2X to 3X, so it's really cheaper to use on-the-rocks or in our margarita machines.

Margarita Man mixes are not made with High Fructose Corn Syrup but with Pure Cane Sugar and feature natural ingredients that pronounce the flavors producing a noticeable taste difference versus other brands and substitutes.

Margarita Gourmet Mix

We are proud to say that all of our mixes are made with pure cane sugar, leaving all the junk of high fructose corn syrup out. We also offer flavors that are made with organic flavorings. A vast majority of margarita-machine mix and daiquiri-machine mix available on the market is full of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors, but not ours. Come taste the difference with Monterey Margarita Man. All of our mixes are perfect for adult beverages as well as slushies for kids’ parties! Simply the best margarita machine mix on the market to rent for your event or party.

Margarita Machine Rental in Monterey

Let's get your party started! Serving Monterey and San Benito Counties with the pleasure to extend our service area to Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Gilroy, Morgan Hill! Book your frozen beverage machine with Margarita Man for any party or event gathering. Margarita Man is the largest and most established supplier of frozen drink machines. If you are hosting an event in the Monterey or San Benito County areas contact Monterey Margarita Man for delivery of our high quality mixes and machines.